Sunday, December 31, 2017

You've met Kanani (age 12) and Nanea (age 10), Here's Jacob!  He's 14.  I got him for my birthday.  He's their older brother.  They work at the vet office, which is why he also is wearing scrubs.  My mom found him at the local Christian Ministries thrift store and he had already had a bad haircut (Marisol with a mullet!!!!!)  She wasn't sure I would want him, but I had previously told her that I wanted a boy doll, so she asked if I wanted to get him and try to make his hair better, or re-wig him.  I decided against a wig for now and she trimmed his hair into this boy cut. She also made him boxer briefs from this pattern and blog's instructions.
He has a pet ferret named Sketch, and a hamster named Honey, which I will introduce later.  Jacob works at the vet office as the groomer.  He likes to build things, watch movies, and hang out with his sisters and their friends. In his down time he sometimes plays video games, especially Minecraft. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

A new Vet is in town!

This year for CHRISTmas I got so much dolly goodness, and since my Birthday is before the end of the year, there will be more to come.  But for now I want to introduce you to two of my girls. 
They are working in the Our Generation Pet Vet Center that my parents gave me for Christmas this year.  I think it is so cool.  I can use it when I play with my dolls, their pets, and even my Webkinz!  The accessories make it feel like I am really treating the animals, and the details bring it to life.  From the x-ray that lights up to the thumb tacks that stick into the foam board, I know I'm going love playing with this and I think my friends will love it too!
On the left, Kanani has her hair triple braided into two plaits and is wearing scrubs that my mom made from the free pattern found here.  She is examining Pupito, who is Josefina's puppy.  He got into a little trouble and needed an e-collar. I received Kanani last year from my parents for my birthday.  I had told my mom that I wanted her, she searched and searched, and found a used one in excellent condition. She has become one of my favorite dolls.
Nanea is on the right.  She was a Christmas gift this year from my mom's parents.  She is also wearing scrubs she made from the same pattern.  Nanea is such a pretty doll.  She has been cute in every outfit that I have put her in. 
The foal, who is currently being boarded overnight, is named Cream.  Her mom, Vanilla, is Tia's horse, and has been with us from the beginning of my 18" doll journey.  Cream arrived Christmas Eve (from my Dad's parents) and was a special surprise!  She's at the vet because she has a little injury to her leg.
I will be sharing more photos of my girls as we play. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

My thoughts on sewing

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I love to sew.  I try to make something on my sewing machine couple times a week.  My parents gave me a Hello Kitty Sewing machine last year for Christmas.  I love my sewing machine, especially the stitch choices!  Changing stitches is easy, the machine automatically sets itself up, so when I start to sew, the stitches look right.  It is very easy to use this to make designs from patterns, and also designs I make up as I go.

When I first learned how to sew, my mom let me sew on her Singer Featherweight 221 first.  It only has straight stitch, but it felt like it was just my size, and it didn't sew too fast.

That's one other thing I like about my sewing machine.  I can control the speed.  If I am sewing a straight seam, I like to go fast!  But if I am sewing a tricky spot, or curves, I can slide the dial to the turtle and slow way down.

I have sewn clothing for my stuffies like the panda and kiwi in the picture that I made up as I went.  Most of my projects are like this.  I want something that I think of, I take fabric and cut and sew it until it looks like what I want.  Sometimes my plans don't work out like they do in my mind.  But it's still a ton of fun!

From patterns I have sewn clothes for myself, gifts, room decorations and outfits for my dolls. My favorite project was a soccer outfit I sewed last month.  I used the Fitted Tee pattern in, Sew In Style by Erin Hentzel for the top.  I sewed a seam wrong, and when we used the seam ripper, my mom accidentally ripped the top front.  It was a great opportunity to use the shorts fabric to repair the top.  For the shorts, I used Doll Capri Pants from All Dolled UP by Joan Hinds.  I used one of my decorative stitches on the top.

The project that I use the most is a pair of PJ's that I sewed from owl print flannel.  They are so comfortable, and I wear them all of the time.  I also used decorative stitches for the neckline and hems for the sleeves and legs.   My projects look unique with the decorative stitches.

When I sew, I get to be creative.  I get to make things that I can't find in stores.  I get excited to take fabric and thread and turn it into something I can play with or wear.  I'm so glad that my mom started to teach me how to sew when I got my first 18" doll.  I don't have enough money to buy all of the clothes I would like for my dolls to have, but now I can sew many of them.  I have even given my friends gifts of outfits for their 18" dolls that I have sewn. Sometimes if the project is complicated my mom has sewn clothing, and other things for my dolls.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Zuri and my love for American Girl dolls started when I saw one at a friend's house.  I was 4 years old.  When I was 6 my mom got me my first mini American girl doll, Saige.   I was so excited.  I thanked my mom a lot.  I could not believe that I finally had my own American Girl Doll!  She came with two books.  After we read one, I wanted to see her movie.

Z and TiaChristmas the following year I got Truly Me #26, who I named Tia.  I also got a little Pomeranian AG dog.  The puppy is named Diamond Tiara.  I also got a fever that Christmas, but Tia didn't mind.  She was content to lay around with me and help me feel better.

Since then Tia has been a great friend and companion to me.  I love to play with her, and make up stories about her life.  Tia is a girl like me who likes to do the same things I like to do.

We both like to make crafts.  Especially gifts for our friends, and things for Tia.  We loves to go camping. We also love to draw, paint, and Sew.  Actually shortly after I got Tia, my mom started to teach me how to sew by myself, and now my mom and I both sew for my dolls.

I wanted my own blog after I saw American Girl Fan.  Jessica has inspired me, and I wanted to also make a blog to share the things I love about my American Girls.

Thank you for visiting.  Please comment, and let me know what types of posts you would like to see in the future.  I plan to blog about the things I make, and experiences I have with my American Girls.